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PET50E - Dark green - economy

PET50E - Dark green polyester tape
1) ROHS, Halogen free.
2) Hot tape that sold to USA, Europe, Asia and China. Specially worldwide accepted by high quality desired customers.
3) Base polyester film is tailor-made, silicone adhesive is from famous international supplier.
4) 1000mm wide, 66m long. Longer length also available.
5) Fast delivery in 1~2 weeks.
6) Easy and safe payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union
  • PET50E


  • PET50E

Item: PET50E
Polyester tape coated with silicone adhesive, single sided, dark green. Economy version.

Key advantage: 
1) Stable high qulity, but with reasonable competitive pricing.
2) Warm customer service, think what you need.
3) Fast delivery in 1~2 weeks for big quantity orders.

1) Good adhesion strength.
2) High temperature resistant.
3) No residue.

4) ROHS, halogen free, environment friendly tape.

1) Powder coating masking protection.
Splicing tape to silicone paper, film, plastic and other materials.

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In the market of green powder coating masking tape, you would find different pricings from very low to very high, we are not intending to become the cheapest, but we are proud of our 10+ years continuous stable high quality supply.

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