glass cloth tape, kapton tape, masking tape
insulation tape, splicing tape, bonding tape
adhesive tape, glass cloth tape


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Contact Us

Shanghai Creative Laminates Co., Ltd.  (Shanghai Sales Company)
Rm 302, Bldg. 2, No. 103 Caobao Rd, Shanghai, 200235
Contact: Huang Wentao
Email:  sales.china@uniontape.com
Mobile: 180-2130-3921

Anhui inno Performance Materials Co., Ltd. (Anhui factory of the group)
Address: No.3, Shuangping Road, Guichi District, Chizhou City, Anhui Province
Contact: Jin Jie
Email: sales.china @ uniontape.com
Mobile: 158-6242-2087
Tel: 0566-5253 008

Suzhou Innovation Laminates Co., Ltd.  (Suzhou Plant)
Suzhou Creative Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Sales Company)

No.209 Caofeng Road, Cangshu Town, Wuzhong, Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215156, China

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