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Promotion During Thanksgiving Season

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Promotion During Thanksgiving Season

Adhesive Tapes on promotion in the Thanksgiving Season of year 2015

New orders from new customers in Dec. of the following items would have
special quantity discount.

glass cloth tape, polyimide tape, polyester tape, insulation tape, splicing tape, masking tape.

1)     Fluoride polyester release liner FR7520: work well to laminate with silicone tapes for die cutting.
2)     Glass cloth tape with silicone adhesive GL1350G: UL certificated, stable quality to class H insulation.
3)     Glass cloth tape with acrylic adhesive GL1350P: for class F/B insulation to transformer, motor, coil, cable, reactor, electrical resistor.
4)     Double sided glass cloth tape FAT1335TSY: use to FPCB assembly.

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